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November 1, 2014

Salty Homegrown Peanuts



I have to admit when Daniel planted the peanuts, I had little hope that we would actually get any peanuts. I’ve never heard of anyone planting them in a raised garden. Well, to my surprise peanuts were growing under the soil. We harvested two large bags of peanuts, which yielded 1/2 pound of shelled peanuts. Yes, I said a 1/2 pound. But they were delicious. We rinsed the shells then left them to dry in the sun. Afterwards, I shelled every damn peanut. We probably won’t be planting peanuts again unless we acquire a farm or something.


fresh peanuts (shelled)
flaky sea salt
flavored sea salt (if you are feeling fancy)


Heat your oven to 350 degrees. Roast peanuts dry in the oven. Remove once they start to get a suntan and when you can smell them. BE CAREFUL NOT TO GO TOO LONG. Like all nuts, they go quickly to the dark side and if you actually grew these yourself, you will be very very disappointed if you ruin them. Toss them in a neutral oil, and add in plenty (more than you think) of salt. We did a mix of Maldon sea salt and chili lime salt. Unbelievable snack for guests arriving to a dinner party.



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