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July 13, 2016

newfangled schnitzel



When we were about 6 months pregnant with Heart, Daniel and I traveled to Vienna. Unfortunately I was plagued with major “morning sickness” throughout my pregnancy which had (fortunately) let up about the time we left for Europe, but I still couldn’t stomach most Viennese foods. Although, schnitzel, schnitzel, I could deal with. So, I basically ordered it everywhere we ate. And believe me, that is actually a possibility in Vienna. Every restaurant serves it. My version uses thinly pounded out berkshire butterflied pork chops and a fresh, lemony salad with a hint of honey mustard on top to cut the richness. I slice it crosswise for the girls and tell them its chicken strips. They gobbled it up….as we all did.


Serves 4
pork cutlets
2 butterflied boneless berkshire pork chops (doesn’t have to be berkshire, heck it doesn’t even have to be pork…veal or chicken breast would also work)
1 cup panko bread crumbs
2 tsp salt
fresh ground pepper
2 eggs beaten
1/8 cup milk
grape seed oil for frying
lemon wedges for serving


hearty “power green”salad mix (I like baby kale, spinach, chard mixes)
1 tspn dijon mustard
1 tspn honey
1/3 olive oil
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
juice of one lemon
1/8 cup white wine vinegar
1/3 cup olive oil
1/4 cup of toasted slivered almonds




Slice the pork chops down the center where they have been butterflied. You will end up with 4 small boneless chops. Sandwich each piece between two slices of plastic wrap. Use a mallet to pound eat piece out until they are 1/3 inch thick. Season the side of each chop with plenty of salt and fresh ground pepper. Meanwhile, beat your egg and milk in a shallow bowl or pie plate. In another pie plate place your panko.

Heat about 1/3 inch of grape seed oil in a heavy duty skillet.

Toast your almonds in a small dry skillet over low heat until the nuts are golden brown, set aside. In a jar (or bowl) mix mustard, honey, a hefty 1/2 tsp of salt and pepper, olive oil, juice of one lemon and white wine vinegar. Shake dressing until mixture has emulsified. Set aside.

Dip eat cutlet in the egg wash and let the excess drip off. Follow by dipping each cutlet in the panko. Press the panko into the cutlet to ensure they stick. When the oil is ready (hot and shimmery not smoking). Place your cutlets in 2 at a time (if they fit without being smooshed). Fry until dark golden brown. Resist the urge to flip. You are only allowed to flip these once. Using tongs, test the meat by by lifting the edge when you see that it is brown and gently peeking under. If the meat seems to stick to the pan…it’s not ready. Leave it a little longer, then flip. Cook the second side the same way. Transfer cooked cutlets to a wire rack situated on a sheet pan. If you are doing this in several batches you can place cooked cutlets in a 200 degree oven to keep warm.

To assemble: Toss your greens with dressing and almonds. Dress to your liking, but don’t overdo it! Plate one cutlet on each plate. Squeeze a lemon wedge over each schnitzel and top with salad. Serve with extra lemon wedges on the side.





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