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July 7, 2016





Getting inspired and very, very excited about our impending trip to Japan… so I whipped up with this tasty grilled bread/salad/egg dish for Daniel and I that makes excellent use of these yummy Momuofuku soy sauce eggs I found on Food 52. This dish would make a great breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It is like eggs + toast,  a salad, and an open-faced sandwich all rolled into one.


Serves 2
soy sauce eggs (this is enough liquid for 6 which can be saved and reused)
6 tbsp water
2 tbsp sugar
3/4 cup soy sauce
2 tbsp sherry vinegar
eggs (one per person)

arugula salad
2 cups of washed and dried baby arugula
1 scant tbsp olive oil + 2 dashes sesame oil
1.5 tsp rice wine vinegar
sea salt + pepper

toast assembly
2 slices of rustic white bread (or whatever sounds good, something with sesame would be particularly nice)
2 tbsp softened butter mixed with one tbsp prepared wasabi (from tube)
1/2 avocado
2 soy sauce eggs
black sesame seeds for finishing



Either prepare the boiled eggs per the instructions on the recipe here or do yourself a favor and buy one of these amazing DASH egg steamers. I am obsessed and it was only $20. It automatically shuts off when the eggs are cooked to whatever temp you are wanting. My girls love their “eggs in shell”. I cook mine to a “soft boil”, then place them in cold water to peel. After that, into the mixture of sugar, water, soy and sherry they go. They only really need an hour or so, but the recipe indicates 2-6. To make the wasabi butter just stir the wasabi and softened butter together. Slice your avocado and set aside. Grill the bread slices on a dry grill pan set to high until you get nice grill marks (you make need to give the slice a slight press into the pan to achieve the marks.) Grill both sides. If you don’t feel like doing this just use your toaster! Prep your salad by pouring the oils over the greens and tossing well, then follow with the rice wine vinegar, salt and pepper and continue to toss. To assemble, spread the toast with a smear of wasabi butter (about 1 tbsp for a large slice). Then carefully remove your egg from the soy mixture and slice each one into three slices. Arrange the egg slices on the toast, followed by a 1/4 of the avocado per toast. Top with a handful of your arugula salad and finally finish with the black sesame and more sea salt and fresh ground pepper to taste. Served with hot green tea.




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