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February 15, 2015

Grilled Oysters w/ Japanese Compound Butters



For Valentines Day this year we celebrated by making chocolate gelato for the girls and delicious grilled oysters for us. The genius of this oyster recipe is… no shucking. On the grill, oysters open on their own. You don’t have to be as ambitious as we were with three different decadent butters, but I have to say that it was worth it. Soy and butter are an amazing match. We did miso butter, soy wasabi butter, and lemon infused matcha butter.


Dozen Oysters
Ice cream salt and lemons for serving

Soy Wasabi Compound Butter
tsp soy sauce
2 tsp prepared wasabi from a tube
2 tbsp softened butter

Miso Compound Butter
1 1/2 tsp miso
2 tbsp softened butter

Matcha Green Tea Compound Butter
1/4 tsp lemon zest
1 tsp matcha green tea powder
2 tbsp softened butter

Helpful tools: Grill mitt & grill basket

Note: This will make more than enough compound butters. Save them and use them to finish a steak, on vegetables or fish.


Do ahead: Mix compound butters. All you need to  to do if the butter is soft enough is literally mix them will a spoon. (This is the hardest part of this recipe, believe it or not.) Preheat grill to 500. Scrub oysters and get your toppings and tools ready to take outside. Including a tray with ice cream salt covering it, this is for serving the oysters. As soon as the oysters are done you will want to put the butter on and serve immediately. We had ours right out by the grill with a cocktail.

Place your oysters in the grill basket. IMPORTANT: this will help keep them upright so they don’t lose too much of their delicious liquor while cooking and/or transferring. Otherwise, please note… they will be dry. No good. We’ve done it before. Place them on the grill for about 5 minutes or just until their shell opens. VOILA. Add a tsp or so of compound butter to each. Squeeze lemon on top (if you want) at the finish.



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