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September 17, 2016

chiara’s cucumbers w/ lime and salt



Chiara whipped these together when we were in Bellport. Super happy to have this in the recipe box that is my head since we had a freakin bumper crop of cucumbers this summer, including one that was 2 ft long (yes, its true). I didn’t enter it into the Guinness, but that is something I would try to do. Anyway, my kids love them and I love this simple preparation, especially for Texas summers when limes are 7 for a dollar.  Feeling inspired to try this trick with other raw vegetables like shaved radishes, sliced tomatoes, or shaved asparagus.


olive oil
flaky sea salt
lime juice
lime zest


Do a quick peel on your cucumbers, then slice them. Drizzle a bit of good olive oil, grate the zest of a lime or so and add the juice of one or two limes to taste. Sprinkle with sea salt.



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