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September 20, 2015

cherry bomb



This cocktail is perfect for steak night date night. I named it cherry bomb, because when you place your boozy cherry in, you gotta add a little of the juice. It looks like a beautiful cherry explosion in your glass. We made these earlier this summer when cherries were abound.


serves 2
4 oz of Bulleit rye whiskey
2 oz red vermouth such as Dolman’s
a dashes of cherry bitters
a dash of walnut bitters
2 Bulleit cherries


Place a handful of ice in each cocktail glass and then fill with water. Let your glasses chill. Meanwhile, you can assemble your cocktail. Fill a martini shaker with ice, then add your whiskey and vermouth. Let these sit together for a few minutes. the water is an important element of the cocktail and helps open up the whiskey. After a few minutes shake 40 times, then strain into your glasses. Float your dashes of bitters on top. (they shouldn’t be mixed in. Then drop a cherry with a little of the cherry spiked liquor into the glass to finish.



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